Can sustained arousal explain the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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Can sustained arousal explain the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Wyller, Vegard B; Eriksen, Hege R; Malterud, Kirsti
Behavioral and brain functions : BBF 2009, 5:10

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dc.contributor.authorWyller, Vegard B-
dc.contributor.authorEriksen, Hege R-
dc.contributor.authorMalterud, Kirsti-
dc.identifier.citationBehavioral and brain functions : BBF 2009, 5:10en
dc.description.abstractABSTRACT: We present an integrative model of disease mechanisms in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), unifying empirical findings from different research traditions. Based upon the Cognitive activation theory of stress (CATS), we argue that new data on cardiovascular and thermoregulatory regulation indicate a state of permanent arousal responses - sustained arousal - in this condition. We suggest that sustained arousal can originate from different precipitating factors (infections, psychosocial challenges) interacting with predisposing factors (genetic traits, personality) and learned expectancies (classical and operant conditioning). Furthermore, sustained arousal may explain documented alterations by establishing vicious circles within immunology (Th2 (humoral) vs Th1 (cellular) predominance), endocrinology (attenuated HPA axis), skeletal muscle function (attenuated cortical activation, increased oxidative stress) and cognition (impaired memory and information processing). Finally, we propose a causal link between sustained arousal and the experience of fatigue. The model of sustained arousal embraces all main findings concerning CFS disease mechanisms within one theoretical framework.en
dc.titleCan sustained arousal explain the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?en
dc.typeJournal articleen
dc.typepeer revieweden
dc.contributor.departmentDivision of Paediatrics, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, Oslo, Norway.
dc.identifier.journalBehavioral and brain functions : BBFen
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