Concealment of drugs in food and beverages in nursing homes: cross sectional study.

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Concealment of drugs in food and beverages in nursing homes: cross sectional study.
Kirkevold, Øyvind; Engedal, Knut
BMJ 2005, 330 (7481):20
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dc.contributor.authorKirkevold, Øyvind-
dc.contributor.authorEngedal, Knut-
dc.identifier.citationBMJ 2005, 330 (7481):20en
dc.description.abstractOBJECTIVE: To examine the practice of concealing drugs in patients' foodstuff in nursing homes. DESIGN: Cross sectional study with data collected by structured interview. SETTING: All five health regions in Norway. PARTICIPANTS: Professional carers of 1362 patients in 160 regular nursing home units and 564 patients in 90 special care units for people with dementia. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Frequency of concealment of drugs; who decided to conceal the drugs; how this practice was documented in the patients' records; and what types of drugs were given this way. RESULTS: 11% of the patients in regular nursing home units and 17% of the patients in special care units for people with dementia received drugs mixed in their food or beverages at least once during seven days. In 95% of cases, drugs were routinely mixed in the food or beverages. The practice was documented in patients' records in 40% (96/241) of cases. The covert administration of drugs was more often documented when the physician took the decision to hide the drugs in the patient's foodstuff (57%; 27/47) than when the person who made the decision was unknown or not recorded (23%; 7/30). Patients who got drugs covertly more often received antiepileptics, antipsychotics, and anxiolytics compared with patients who were given their drugs openly. CONCLUSIONS: The covert administration of drugs is common in Norwegian nursing homes. Routines for such practice are arbitrary, and the practice is poorly documented in the patients' records.en
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dc.titleConcealment of drugs in food and beverages in nursing homes: cross sectional study.en
dc.typeJournal articleen
dc.typepeer revieweden
dc.contributor.departmentNorwegian Centre for Dementia Research, Vestfold Mental Health Care Trust, Tønsberg, Postbox 64, N-3107 SEM, Norway. oyvind.kirkevold@nordemens.noen
dc.identifier.journalBMJ (Clinical research ed.)en
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