Logo Diakonhjemmet Hospital (founded 1893) is a private hospital within the Diakonhjemmet Foundation in Oslo, Norway. The hospital is responsible for general hospital services for approximately 113,000 inhabitants in its particular sector in the western part of Oslo. The hospital serves its sector in the fields of internal medicine, surgery and radiology, plus laboratory services. The hospital is also responsible for psychiatric care within its sector, and for geriatric psychiatry within some local city wards. Diakonhjemmet Hospital specializes in the fields of rheumatology and rheumatic surgery. The hospital is also the referral hospital for the Oslo area and the regional hospital for Southeastern Norway for services in rheumatology and rheumatic surgery. The Department of Psychopharmacology is a national center of therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacogenetic analyses, and of research in psychopharmacology and biological psychiatry.


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